There are 3 methods of buying Sloth coffee:

Home P UP

Home pick up: 

  1. Text 559-2868707
  2.  Specify PICK UP TIME
  3.  Type of coffee
  4. Roasting level
  5. Green beans whole or ground
  6. Weight
  7. Drive to 2538 Celeste Ave, Clovis
  8. Go to our “Sloth Box”
  9. Place the payment in an envelope and slide it by garage door
  10. Pick up coffee with your name                                       *Let me know in advance, and I will be pleased to meet you and answer any questions that you might have*

Ho P UPHome Delivery: 

  1. Go to BUY ONLINE and make coffee selection and payment
  2. Coffee will be delivered to your doorstep. ZIP CODE – read instructions regarding boundaries  attended and delivery fee – Clovis 

By mail: Go to BUY ONLINE and place your order (coffee will be mailed to you by USPS).

ATTENTION: Coffee takes to ONE day to be roasted and ready for shipment.

FRESNO: Some ZIP CODES may support Home delivery.

CLOVIS AND FRESNO: Text consulting delivery fee for different ZIP codes.





coffee like you've never tasted…