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PD0037  Kenya coffee trip: talking to the Masai people 

                                                                            Visiting Cooxupe’ (Brazil)

Orlando Paulino Costa was a coffee farmer in Brazil until 2008. His grandfather Augusto Paulino Costa started the coffee farm in the early 1900. His farm was located in Monte Santo de Minas , M.G. State. The southern part of Minas is famous for producing high quality coffee and is the headquarter of the world largest coffee cooperative. Coffee has always been his passion. In the 80’s learned to cup coffee while working for Exportadora Guaxupe in the city of Santos – SP (major Brazilian coffee Harbor). Orlando P. Costa had the opportunity to travel all over the world and visit the major coffee roasters from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Japan, USA, France etc. In 2009 made a very interesting trip to Guatemala visiting coffee farms there, and cupping coffee from all its different microclimates. In 2011 took a refreshing coffee cupping test for Brazil’s  in Santos , and thereafter 2 courses promoted by Coffee Quality Institute to familiarize with the SCAA protocol. In 2013 he imported a small roaster.  Having the knowledge of how to select the best Arabica coffees he decided to start roasting Brazil’s. Once a year, Orlando travels to Brazil to visit family and coffee plantations.

   Valley of Acatenango (Guatemala)

Gabriel cafeMy grandkids playing with coffee beans
Antonio coffee

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