Brazilian and Colombian Coffee


Colombia Huila and  Modern Brazilian coffee plantation using irrigation

Brazil is the world largest coffee producer responsible for around 35% of all coffee grown and also the second largest coffee consumer. Minas Gerais is largest coffee producing State from Brazil.

Colombia comes in second, 10.000.000 bags (132 pounds bag). Department of Huila is located in Southwest of Colombia, and produce excellent quality coffee.

Brazil – Altitude around 2900 feet

Colombia – Altitude around 5800 feet.

Brazil – huge coffee plantations harvested by machines and also small ones (hand-picked), a continuous refining in all production stages is noticed, leading to high quality coffees.

Colombia – very small hilly coffee properties, picked by hand . Since coffee areas are  close to Equator allows 2 crops a year.D Huila colombia




Brazil:  chocolate flavors, low acidity, notes of dried fruit, floral aroma.

Colombia Huila:  there so many descriptions like well balanced acidity, initial sweetness with slight notes of fruit, caramel, etc.

My favorite: Clean and bright (acidity), generous sweetness and liqueur like character.

World coffee Production – Average 2011 to 2013

Arabica                                                       Arabica                                            

Brazil                                                            41800

Colombia                                                         9500

India                                                                5100

Ethiopia                                                           4400

Honduras                                                        4100

Peru                                                                4000

Guatemala                                                      3900

Mexico                                                            3700

Nicaragua                                                       2000

El Salvador                                                     1700

Costa Rica                                                      1575


Sloth coffee is 100% Arabica coffee , NO Robusta, which  has a slightly bitter taste that most gourmet specialty coffee drinkers try to avoid.

Many cheaper coffees sold in supermarkets contain robusta


Espresso the love!