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Roast Level vs Steak

City Roast : Medium                                                                          – Medium brown
– The acidity continues to increase and the body becomes more potent
– First crack stage is finished
– Caramelization, acidity, varietal character of a bean can be tasted

 City Roast  (+) : Medium +
– Medium brown
– The acidity  increased and more body
– Between first and second crack
– Varietal character of a bean can be tasted with a bit of roast taste

 Full City Roast : Rich Brown
– Rich brown color

– Good Balance between sweetness, body and acidity
– Just into the first snaps of second crack
– Varietal character is present with decreased acidity and
bittersweet “roast taste”

 French Roast ()                                                                                          – Dark brown color, Middle of the second crack
– Acids are decreased
–  Bittersweet, Burnt undertones and Cafein levels are decreased


Comparing  Steak and Coffee is an easy way to understand roasting levels. Most of us prefer rare or medium to be able to taste the steak’s juice. Coffee is the same thing, drinking dark roasted coffee is like eating a well done steak. When drinking Brownish coffee you can taste and compare the differences among (highlight varietal character)  coffees produced in different countries of the world. 

“So there you have it — a short guide to the common coffee roasts from light to dark. To summarize the differences, in addition to the color gradations:

  1. As coffee roasts,it gets darker loosing the origin character of the beans and take on more flavor from the roasting process. Drinking Dark roasted coffee will make all different varieties and origins to taste alike: burnt ,charred flavor.
  2. The body of the coffee gets heavier, until the second crack, where the body again thins.
  3. Lighter roasts have more acidity than darker roasts.
  4. Light roasted beans are dry, while darker roasts develop oil on the bean surface.
  5. The caffeine level decreases as the roast gets darker. 

Part of an article written by Brian Lokker :


Video By Sweet Maria’s Coffee





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