Objective: Show the steps to achieve a GREAT CUP of COFFEE.

CUPPPING SESSION is organized and will provide a basic notion of cupping using the Specialty Coffee Association of America protocol as a guide line. This protocol (with some variations) is used for coffee buyers, from the origin countries to the coffee industry in general.  We will be talking about: fragrance, aroma, body, aftertaste, sweetness, etc. We will be cupping coffee from different countries.

 ROASTING CUPPING SESSION for the participant to taste the difference among the roasting levels.

c) Briefly talk about basic, but very important,  things to consider when brewing coffee. (water quality, coffeemaker cleanliness, temperature water, coffee).

d) Pictures in general

Roasting practicing  session : Traditional Roaster and a Popcorn Popper

a) I will be showing you the roasting stages, Light brown, Medium light, Medium, Dark Brown, Dark color. In this process you will hear the first crack, second crack.   We will be constantly checking the bean color as it roast vs time. When the roasting is finished, we dump in a tray and take it to be immediately cooled, otherwise the roast keeps going.

Requirement for participation:

Visit website and read information in general

Location: Clovis

Duration: Around 2 hours

Class size: maximum 3 people

Price : 40.00 each + (1 pouch roasted by you for free)


Espresso the love!